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You have a well in stand kept used MTB or Leisure Comfort Bike which you would like to keep, with the possibility of an engine support 'easier' and with less effort cycling?
We modificate it for you! In our best equipped mechanic department and with our high qualified staff, we can convert your conventional bicycle with an Upgrade-Kit to an e-bike. There are two ways of modification, either with the proven Senglar rear wheel drive or with a clever Gruber motor in the bike frame.

What is a Senglar drive

The engine of Senglar is installed invisibly into the rear wheel. Your bike will be transformed to an e-Bike. The battery is fixed instead of the bottle holder on the frame and looks like a water bottle. The controller can be attached under the saddle. With three levels, the motor provides pedal support. The existing chain shifting you can keep. With this converting you will get a real favorable e-bike.

Senglar Engine - 250 Watt and 5.5 kg

from about 1.300 € Contact us

Components of Senglar

Motor in rear hub

Controller in saddlebag

Battery fixed on
bottle holder

Bicycles converted with Senglar engine

Converted Hybrid Bike

Converted Cube-Hardtail

Converted Comfort
low access Bike

The Specialized Hardrock MTB converted to an e-Bike is so cool even our senior manager rides on it because it makes him feel young!

What is a Gruber drive

The engine 'vivax assist' of Gruber in Austria, will be installed invisibly inside the seat tube of the bicycle frame and adds very little extra weight. It produces considerable extra power to a maximum of 200 watts to the crank at the mere touch of a button. Switching “on” and “off” while riding is easy. When the motor is off, the bike works normally and without resistance. Thanks to its retrofit kit, it is almost irrelevant what brand of bike you have. It also appeals to a new target group, which bridges the gap between the sports bicycle and the electric bike.

Gruber Motor - 200 Watt and 1.8 kg

from about 2.600 € Contact us

Components of Gruber

Motor drives the cranke

Various components
for converting

Motor is fitted in saddle
tube of the frame

Bicycles converted with Gruber engine

Externally the bikes look not different in comparison of conventional,
without engine

Racing bicycle to motorize from racing bike to an e-racer.