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General Information about Cycling Holidays


For some tours, especially tours from a fixed location, you are given the names of the hotels. If no name of the property is specified, the quality of the hotel or the accommodation is indicated. Together with the documents which you have received prior to the start of the tours, there are the names of the hotels.


For each tour it is quoted which type of bike is suitable and it can be selected from our rental fleet. We have exclusively "Specialized" and "Flyer" bicycles in our program, both highly qualified brands which guarantee you enjoyable tours. The bikes are in our own workshop constantly maintained and prepared for your tours. The bikes have 29" wheels intended to run better especially on dirt roads and off-road than the traditional 26" wheels.

For type B touring bike, type D e-touring bike and type E e-mountain bike, tours with a distance of approx. 40km are especially developed. You are free to select on which with type of bike the tour will be done. Whether you prefer simply tracking with the touring bike, a sporty tour with mountain bike or just without any effort an e-bike.
We would like to inform you that the Algarve, although it is by the sea, is not a completely flat terrain, but also along the coast, it always goes up and down and an e-bike is a good support.
For racing bikes we have developed tours with a distance of about 80-100 km and for various conditional requirements.
The bicycle equipment includes helmet, lock, pump, tyres levers, repair kit and seat bag. All bikes are equipped with the so-called puncture protection tubes, so that a "flat tube" is almost impossible.

Cycling Maps or GPS datas

All our tours are carefully selected for you. The choice of tours has been made to ensure that you don’t travel on roads with a lot of traffic, but secondary roads, dirt roads or natural trails. The tours run through beautiful natural landscapes with fantastic views and on the bike cycling map are drawn places of sightseeing.
To help you to find the right way, without searching or having to stop and to enjoy the tour, we provide topographic maps at a scale of 1:30 '000, available with the tours indicated and drawn.
For all junctions, crossings can be found on the cycling maps directions with photos. Unclear locations or streets within towns are described exactly on the map by enlargements. In order to the maps being durable and also withstanding a possible rain shower they are printed on durable, water-resistant material.

The maps are folded together in a handy A5 format. They fit into our practical card holder that can be rotated 360 °, so you can see the path always in the direction of travel.
A big advantage of our cycle maps is that they offer a great overview of the area which you will pass through and the option of changing, shorter or extended routes.

All tours are available for GPS-Devices or smartphones.

Individual or guided Tours

The indicated basic price supposes that you will ride the tour by yourself, just with our documents without someone on our part. Individual tours have the advantage that you can divide the day and the pace according to your needs, making a stop or short break where you please, without regard to other participants. With our documents and cycling maps you will find the right way easily, however, if you want a local guide, we have that in our program, too.

Support of Tours

During the tours, we are always available by phone to help you with any problems. If you would have, contrary to expectations, a defect, which you cannot repair yourself, we will send you a mechanic to solve the problem for you.

Luggage Transfer

The indicated basic price does not include luggage transfer. If you desire you can transport your luggage by yourself in the panniers. Touring bikes and e-touring bikes have got a standard luggage carrier. On request we can install luggage carriers on mountain bikes or racing cycles, if you inform us in advance.
When booking, please specify if you transport your luggage by yourself or if you prefer a luggage transfer. The cost of transporting luggage varies depending on number of participants. We will try to charge the best price for you.

Documents for Cycling Holidays

14 days prior to your arrival we will send you all the necessary documents, such as cycling maps, detailed descriptions of the holidays etc. by post. Upon your arrival at the hotel we will discuss again the whole process of cycling holidays and will answer any questions you may have.