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Sightseeing and interesting places in the tour

A Nossa Senhora da Rocha

The chapel was built in the 17th century. According to the Saga, the “Senhora da Rocha” appeared to the fishermen as they were fishing on the sea. Therefore, the fishermen built this chapel for their patron Saint. The cliff rises 35m above sea level and has a wonderful view over the adjoining cliffs.


Albufeira has a wonderful traditional atmosphere. White houses and narrow cobbled streets lined with cafes and shops leading to a picturesque central square, lined with bars and restaurants where you can taste the local-based fish gastronomy. If you would like to go celebrate, there are many opportunities in the lively Albufeira. The great variety of bars, restaurant and clubs made Albufeira's nightlife the most famous of the Algarve. There are also beaches in all shapes and sizes and all equally attractive. There are quiet sandy coves and miles of beaches with shining golden sand, beautiful landscapes that combine the sea, sand and beautiful rock formations.


The village divides itself in two parts, the old town which has spread on the slopes below a hill on which there is a Moorish castle ruin and a new part which was built after the 1755 earthquake on the other side of the Ribeira de Aljezur. The old village impresses trough the beautiful white houses with colorful typical windows and door frames. The surrounding area is characterized by wide green plains, which stretch up to the rocks of the coast and a wide sandy beach with crystal clear water.


Alte is, thanks to its springs which emanate at its entrance and continue as a broad stream favored by nature. You can see many beautiful flowers and trees in the village and in the surrounding area.
The place is also characterized by many beautifully maintained white houses and is often referred to as the most typical and picturesque village in the Algarve.


This village lies on the beach, away from the tourist infrastructures and has managed to retain its original character. Narrow streets with typical Portuguese houses typify the townscape. The fishing harbor with its colorful boats and the fish market are located at a lagoon. The port has been modernized with a palm-lined promenade. Here, we have a magnificent view of the Rio Alvor, at low tide on the upstream wetland and the opposite shore zone up to the Monchique Mountains.


The "Autodromo Internacional do Algarve" is a motor sport race track. This track was completed in 2008. On the grounds next to the main track, you will find a karting track, a technology park, a sports complex, a five-star hotel and apartments. Many motorcycle and car racing events are held on the track, among others; Formula 1 test drives in the winter.



Cabo São Vicente

Cabo de Sao Vicente is the most south-westerly point of Europe. It was already a holy place at the time of the Celts. The Romans dedicated it to Saturn and the Christians to Saint Vincent who built a monastery there. It was destroyed twice. Once by English pirates and then by the earthquake of 1755. The lighthouse was built in 1846. It was enlarged many times, modernized and is considered one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe and it monitors one of the busiest seaways of the world.

Cacela Velha

A trip to this place is always worth it. It consists only of a few houses grouped around a church and a small fortress, which are under monument protection. The houses have been lovingly restored and shine in white and blue. The village lies on the edge of a cliff and has a magnificent view over the sandy beaches, lagoons and sand banks. Next to the church with a Renaissance portal is an old water well from the Moorish times.