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Estoi is a typical Algarve village, surrounded by vegetable plantations, orchards, large fields with carob, almond and olive trees, but also marked by wealth historical sites. At the western entrance to the village are the ruins of a Roman villa complex, the "Ruinas de Milreu". The Roman ruins among the most important legacies of ancient Romans in the Algarve. Today the impressive archaeological site is one of the most important national monuments in Portugal. In the center of the village is located the „Palácio de Estoi“, a former Rococo palace, which was renovated and developed in the „Pousada de Estoi“. Through Estoi also passed the Roman road, called "Calçadinha Romana", which in those days went from "Ossonoba" (today´s Faro) on to Estoi, past the former estate "Milreu" on to São Bras and continued heading north. In the village square is the impressive church “Igreja de São Martinho” located and also a visit worth.

Pousada Estoi

The Pousada is known, in a previous life, as the famous Palace of Estoi, „Palácio de Estoi“. Built in the 19th century by the Viscount of Estoi, a man of wealth and taste, he created a beautiful neo-rococo family home with superb French style gardens including statues and exotic flora. Typical Portuguese tiles adorn a number of walls and it takes in two tea pavilions, a number of dining rooms and even its own chapel. It is all very romantic in that light neo-baroque style, so favoured in the 19th century. But it has also moved with the times. Since becoming part of Portugal’s Pousada routes in 2009, it has been very carefully renovated and expanded with a modern building for accommodation and wellness. In the cafe on the terrace you can enjoy the adjacent palace garden.