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Ruinas de Milreu

The Roman Ruins of Milreu (Ruinas Romanas de Milreu) are an important Portuguese archaeological site in the Algarve housing remains dating from the first to the sixth centuries. Opulent villa of the Roman Empire whose occupation lasted during late antiquity and the early centuries of islamic domain. It is still possible to perceive the architectural aspect of the villa from the early 4th century, with the luxurious residence manor, thermal baths, oil and wine mills, and agricultural installations, which reveals the type of daily life of a familiy of high social and political status. Integrates this set a temple from the early 4th century, christianized in the 6th century and used as a cemetery in Islamic period up to the 10th century, still preserved until the start of the vaults and with mosaics of the mural coating of the podium. In the ruins were made important archaeological finds: predominantly marine thematic mosaics, marbles and diverse pottery, painted stucco and sculptures that decorated the interiors and the gardens.