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Sightseeing and interesting places in the tour

Sta. Barbara de Nexe

The environment of the Algarve is, especially from January to June, a green, colorful landscape with typical trees from this region. The almond trees bloom at the end of January, withering in 3-4 weeks, submerging the landscape into a white sea of flowers. This quiet village is situated on a 350m high ridge of hills with views of the city of Faro and the Atlantic Ocean. The jewel and main attraction of the village is "Igreja Matriz", the Gothic church, located directly on the main road. The church dates from the 15th century and inside, you can visit the beautiful old azulejos and above all, the typical elements of the Manueline style: embellishments carved in stone such as ropes, nets and corals on the ceiling and the pillars. The manueline style is an elaborate architectural style that has only been applied in Portugal in the 16th century. It was inspired in the discovery voyages made by the Portuguese navigators. Other well-preserved elements are to be seen in other churches of the Algarve in Loulé, Odiaxere and Monchique.